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Book Review / Overview: “HTML5 and CSS3” by Brian P. Hogan

Review: I’ve just finished reading “HTML5 and CSS3” by Brian P. Hogan ( and The Pragmatic Bookshelf. I’m not new to HTML and I’ve even read another book on HTML5, but I really learned a lot from this book, and … Continue reading

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GWT Tip: Don’t use your module name as the id of an HTML element in your page.

I spent a few hours tracking down and fixing something in our GWT application over the last couple of days, and thought I would blog about it in case someone reading this blog (maybe me in the future) runs into … Continue reading

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Solving "Expecting version 5 from client, got 6" problem with GWT

Before Christmas break I upgraded my GWT Eclipse plugin. This morning, after rebuilding and trying to run my GWT (Google Web Toolkit) application, I ran into this error: Exception while dispatching incoming RPC call This application is out of … Continue reading

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