Vermont Code Camp III

I attended the Vermont Code Camp this past weekend. It was my 2nd time at the VTCodeCamp, but first time as a speaker. It was a very well-organized event with a ton of swag, lots of interesting presentations, and plenty of really great people. It’s a bit of a drive for me, but Vermont in September is beautiful, and the weather is just the perfect temperature. All around it was a fantastic day.

Well, Joan Wortman and I presented our updated talk on ExtJS 4. The audience size was around 30, and there seemed to be some real interest in the technology. We had some technical difficulties at the start, but I think we recovered ok, and I’m posting the slides here, like I promised I would.

PowerPoint Slide Deck

I’m updating my post, to add thanks to the organizers and sponsors, which I neglected to do first time around. My sincere thanks go to all the volunteers and sponsors. Without your involvement, this event just couldn’t have happened. Thanks, and I hope I am able to attend next year too.

If you’re reading this and have interest in other talks at the Code Camp, most of the slides can be found on slideshare:

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