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Book Review / Overview: “High Performance JavaScript” by Nicholas C. Zakas

Review: I finally got a chance to finish reading “High Performance JavaScript”. This has been on my to do list for almost a year. I bought the book after seeing an online video of Nicholas Zakas speaking about JavaScript performance, … Continue reading

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FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship 2011

I’m taking a small break from my technology posts to blog about an event I was privileged (and lucky) to attend in December. It was the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship which took place in Las Vegas. Anyone that knows me … Continue reading

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Installing Moodle on Windows 7 for Development

Download Moodle: Download WampServer: – 64 bit Install WampServer Change port (I needed to do this, because I was running IIS on 80): Left click on the WampServer icon tray, and go to Apache/httpd.conf. Search/Replace 80 to 90. … Continue reading

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