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Configuring the MyEclipse DB Browser to View the Liferay Portal Database

Assumption: Liferay 5.1.2 on tomcat using default HSQLDB, which comes pre-configured with the download Steps: Switch to the MyEclipse Database Explorer perspective In the DB Browser window, right click, and choose New… Fill in the fields with the values shown … Continue reading

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Liferay 5.1.2 Web Services with a .Net Consumer

This is a simple step-by-step list of how to access the Liferay UserService from a C#.Net client, using Visual Studio 2010 to generate the proxy classes. I’m including this here because I ran into a number of issues while doing … Continue reading

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Vermont Hackathon aka VTHackathon

I’ve been attending a lot of free developer events over the last few years. I’ve been incredibly impressed at the generosity of speakers to give their time and of sponsors and hosts to donate space, food, swag, and even significant … Continue reading

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Is JavaScript eval really evil?

You may have heard this before: “eval is evil”. But is it really? And if so, why is it? I’ll start with a quote: “The eval function and its relatives (Function, setTimeout, and setInterval) provide access to the JavaScript compiler. … Continue reading

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Book Review / Overview: “JavaScript Web Applications” by Alex MacCaw

Review:   Wow. This book covers so much content that it could easily have been split into 2, 3, or maybe even 4 books. It is a book on building applications, not web sites (though many of the techniques would … Continue reading

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Vermont Code Camp III

I attended the Vermont Code Camp this past weekend. It was my 2nd time at the VTCodeCamp, but first time as a speaker. It was a very well-organized event with a ton of swag, lots of interesting presentations, and plenty … Continue reading

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How to get my mouse unstuck from a virtual pc

For future reference on my Dell Latitude E6410, but probably works on many other pcs: Press the right Alt key, which is the “Host Key” on this laptop. This will release the mouse from the virtual pc. Reference: Switching between … Continue reading

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