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Screen Scraping Player Statistics

The NCAA collects player statistics from many different sports, but if you want to get that data, it’s not always easy. It’s not like they have an open API. Recently, I wanted to get the season-long statistics for all NCAA … Continue reading

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FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship 2011

I’m taking a small break from my technology posts to blog about an event I was privileged (and lucky) to attend in December. It was the FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship which took place in Las Vegas. Anyone that knows me … Continue reading

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Installing Moodle on Windows 7 for Development

Download Moodle: Download WampServer: – 64 bit Install WampServer Change port (I needed to do this, because I was running IIS on 80): Left click on the WampServer icon tray, and go to Apache/httpd.conf. Search/Replace 80 to 90. … Continue reading

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Vermont Hackathon aka VTHackathon

I’ve been attending a lot of free developer events over the last few years. I’ve been incredibly impressed at the generosity of speakers to give their time and of sponsors and hosts to donate space, food, swag, and even significant … Continue reading

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How to get my mouse unstuck from a virtual pc

For future reference on my Dell Latitude E6410, but probably works on many other pcs: Press the right Alt key, which is the “Host Key” on this laptop. This will release the mouse from the virtual pc. Reference: Switching between … Continue reading

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Taking a SQL Server Database offline

I’ve had to take a SQL Server database offline several times lately, and I keep forgetting the names of the commands I need to use, so I’m saving them here for future use. To take the database offline: ALTER DATABASE … Continue reading

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New England Give Camp 2011 Recap – “Code it Forward”

Over the first weekend in May I had the pleasure of joining more than 100 other volunteers to help ~29 non-profits with technical challenges in the 2nd annual New England Give Camp, held at the Microsoft NERD (New England Research … Continue reading

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